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About us

We, at Purity Prayag, come with a promise of purity for every product we sell. Our uniform belief drives us to offer a curated selection of exclusively healthy & organic products to minimize the presence of toxins in your homes & bodies. From the enticement of pesticide-free, 100% organic fruits and veggies to the pure sweetness of dairy products devoid of hormones or lingering toxins, Purity Prayag nourishes you with nature’s best. 

Purity Prayag’s handpicked organic homecare products, including an all-natural skincare collection, stand apart, devoid of parabens and sulfates, offer you a genuinely nurturing experience respecting both your living spaces and the environment. 

Every organic product at Purity Prayag is sourced from individuals and organizations who are dedicated to bringing about a more comprehensive change that is beneficial to the environment while also caring about the health of people.

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A promise of purity

Every product purity prayag brings to you is 100% Organic, Healthy, and Chemical free.

live toxin free

Live Toxin Free

Purity Prayag provides products that are cultivated naturally or organically without any processing or refining. As a sustainable source, our products are highly nutritious, have low anti-nutrient levels, and are toxin-free.

purity prayag's farm to fork

Farm to Fork

Purity Prayag sources organic products directly from farmers helping us maintain a supply chain with a high level of integrity

purity prayag's organics

Environmentally Sustainable

All of Purity Prayag’s products are 100% organic and are free from chemically harmful substances such as pesticides antibiotics, parabens & sulfate & triclosan, therefore, does not contaminate soil & waterbodies

Chemical free

Antibiotic free

Toxic free

Naturally grown

Environmental friendly