Purity Prayag brands distribute products that work with the same mission as ours - to give our consumers 100% natural, healthy & organic products that are good for the people and the planet. Here are some of the Purity Prayag brands whose products are available on the Purity Prayag App as well as the Purity Prayag Retail Outlets.

24 Mantra Organic
24 Mantra Organic is a brand dedicated to the healthy, nutritious movement. They prioritize sustainable farming practices, reducing harmful chemicals and pesticides. With a focus on organic integrity and farmer care, they ensure high-quality food from seed to kitchen. Holding certifications from recognized bodies, their products meet international organic standards. By embracing organic farming methods like crop rotation and using natural solutions, they create better nutrition, taste, and ecology. Choosing 24 Mantra Organic means supporting a better future for farmers and a healthier planet for all.

Happy Gopi, certified organic cow milk, comes from the house of 24 Mantra Organic with a simple desire to provide you and your family with fresh, wholesome and tasty organic milk, ghee and paneer. Farm fresh and authentic, Happy Gopi milk is produced from unconfined, happy cows that are grass-fed.We at Swasth, genuinely care about our consumer’s health and choice of lifestyle. We strive to bring you the best of organic products to add flavors of taste and health into your lives.

Hita Care

Hita Healthcare Pvt Ltd is formed with the vision of making affordable healthcare products to every segment of the society.  Our philosophy: Healthy Body. Healthy Mind. Healthy Society

hita farms

We are focused on creating a sustainable lifestyle for our consumers, a sustainable livelihood for our farmers and a sustainable environment for the generations to come. We have adopted the Farm to Fork approach in order to promote organic living and bring pure, tasty, wholesome and nutritious organic food to your table. This approach encourages opting for local and natural products that are healthy, traceable and also boost the local economy. We believe our passion to provide certified organic food will bring health and happiness to you and your family.

swasth organics

We at Swasth, genuinely care about our consumer’s health and choice of lifestyle. We strive to bring you the best of organic products to add flavors of taste and health into your lives.

phalada pure & sure

At Pure and Sure, we continue to believe that an organic farmer is the peacemaker of today, and organic farming is bringing a tectonic shift into this agriculture of peace. We are ‘Farmers First’, not just growing crops but creating an environment where crops can grow naturally, beautifully and sustainably. The search and discovery of nature’s pathways for sustainable methods of farming have led us closer to our intention of bringing pure, clean, and organic food from farm to table.


Juices available in the market, all the BIG BRANDS included, are usually laden with added sugars and preservatives. At ARKA, we have broken that old beaten mould (Trust us, We don’t have anything in fine print). We are providing you with juices which you can gorge on without any guilt and knowing that you are providing your body with the all important nutrients & dietary fiber which people miss out in their daily life.

my healthy munch

We simply bring you the best and exclusive range of 100% Natural & Organically Sourced Products like Dried nuts, Dried fruits, spices, healthy seeds and many more from across the world to your doorstep. We guarantee Quality and standard delivery systems.
We believe in doing things the old-fashioned way and having a long lasting relationship with our customers. Your feedback is our strength.

Radico Colour Me Organic

Radico believes in creating unique high quality Natural Hair colours based on continuous research, experiments and Ayurveda. Continuous efforts are made in order to attain highest possible quality consistency in Natural products, which is a very difficult task as Mother Nature is not in our control. And our organic hair colours are totally free from any chemicals and contain only organic herbs. Now our focus is on developing more 100% Natural and certified organic cosmetics, for the safety and health of society, it is a demand of present and future. We believe that ” Organic is real Natural”


Harika Foods is specialized in Speciality Food products like spice-mix powders, snacks, sweets, plain spice powders etc.

Harika Foods is dedicated to provide the customers with the finest, high-quality products, hygienically prepared and competitively priced, living up to their expectations and suppliers for achieving symbiotic relationship.


Hasiru Foods Private Limited founded with a vision of providing wellness through Traditional food. We are committed to provide balanced, tasty and hygienic food products for a healthier society. Our aim is also to improve the lives of farmers by procuring millets and other raw materials at optimum prices and providing them with traditional, natural and scientific farming methods.

Passion Indulge

Passion Indulge Pvt Ltd is an Aromatherapy Based Natural Herbal Skincare Company. Products are made using “Natural Scents and Raw material provided By Mother Earth.”
Passion Indulge offers high-quality, Natural, Handcrafted, Vegan Therapeutic cosmetics based on the healing power of Essential oils.

Eartho Essentials

Ayurveda’s Essence and Nature’s Purity
Unlock your inner radiance with Eartho Essentials. Our natural skincare products harness the power of Ayurveda and divine herbs for flawless, healthy skin. Free from parabens, our range nurtures your skin from within, revealing a natural glow. Embrace the harmony of nature and purity for a healthier, radiant you.

Shushu Babies

Nurture with Nature
Created by Sulakshana Reddy, a mompreneur and pharmacist, ShuShu Babies delivers trusted, safe, and affordable natural products. Inspired by Ayurveda and driven by a mother’s perspective, we prioritize transparency and adhere to rigorous safety standards. Experience the goodness and love we bring to every ShuShu Babies product for your little ones’ well-being.