Sustainability is at the core of what we do. We work directly with many Farmer Producer Organisations (FPOs) who actively pursue organic, chemical free and natural cultivation with the best of traditional methods combined with modern agricultural tools & techniques. The Purity Prayag team regularly inspects and works to establish clear Farm to Fork traceability and help our Farming Partners get higher remuneration for their products through direct procurement and optimised logistics through better planning.

purity prayag's honey

Honey from Chambal Valley

Organic honey, procured from the tribals of Chambal Valley, Madhya Pradesh, is a testament to both environmental and beekeeper sustainability practices.

This wild honey is derived from the pollen of organically grown plants, and it is cultivated without chemical miticides to treat the bees. The commitment to sustainability ensures that the honey production process avoids contact with pesticides that may be sprayed on or near the plants visited by honeybees. In general, bees must be housed in an area free of pesticides and genetically modified crops (GMO), and the colony must be kept healthy without the use of synthetic chemicals. It does not imply that no chemicals are utilized; rather, it means that only permitted organic substances are used. This sustainable approach not only benefits the environment but also supports the livelihoods of the local tribals, fostering a harmonious coexistence with nature.

Le Farme

In 1988 LA FERME CHEESE started to develop a line of handmade farm cheeses for the citizens of Auroville.

For the cheese production traditional methods were adapted to the conditions of the South Indian climate, taking into account Western hygienic standards and concerns for a clean and sustainable environment. Our pasteurization, for instance, is done with biogas, our water is pumped by a windmill and our wastewater is recycled.

The milk is supplied by farms in Auroville (including our own dairy) as well as by farmers from surrounding villages.

It is monitored daily by La Ferme Cheese for top quality.

At present our team with professional cheese makers from Italy and Holland, consists of twenty-five persons. Using natural ingredients only, we produce about 100 kg of handmade cheeses in over ten varieties daily.

All our cheeses contain only natural whole cow milk, salts, vegetarian enzymes and seasoning cultures.

We do not use preservatives, artificial flavors or colors. Nor do we use emulsifiers – used in industrially produced cheeses to retain moisture and fat. Our approach keeps the authentic texture and taste of traditional farm cheese and guarantees the natural balance of vitamins, proteins and fat which gives cheese its unique characteristics.

purity prayag's cheese
purity prayag's apple orchads

Singh Apple Orchards

Singh Apple Orchards was established in 1969, and since then, we’ve been all about promoting farming to the mainstream while prioritizing sustainability. Singh Apple Orchards is located in the heart of the “Chanshal Apple Valley” in the beautiful village of Dist. Shimla, Himachal Pradesh. Singh Orchards believes in “doing it right when no one is looking.” We produce quality, and producing quality is not just our act; it’s our sustainable habit.

SINGH APPLE ORCHARDS understands that you want the freshest, healthiest, and organic apples you can get. At Singh Apple Orchards, we take great pride and care to ensure we provide not only delicious but also organic and healthy apples to our customers. Our fruits are the result of hard work, dedication, and the use of mineral-treated water from the Himalayas for watering the apple trees.

We have been practicing sustainability through organic farming since 2013. During this time, we haven’t used any chemical fertilizers or other harmful chemicals in our orchards. We prioritize sustainability by implementing practices like intercropping with white clover to support nutrition-fixing crops, such as nitrogen-fixing and green manure. Additionally, we use Mycorrhizae and Bio culture to fix and solubilize essential main and micro-nutrients in the soil. Our approach includes utilizing JeevAmrut, a culture of soil-supportive fungus and bacteria. To repel insects, we employ Neem oil and natural leaf extracts, aligning with our commitment to sustainability.