Make Organic Tofu your healthy choice – Purity Prayag

Make Organic Tofu your healthy choice - Purity Prayag

Tofu is widely used in East Asia and South Asian countries and is well on its way from playing a supporting role, to star of the culinary world. 

It has become a popular item in the league of organic, healthy eaters with many consumers looking for organically farmed, organically grown options. The growth in popularity of tofu has been slow but extremely organic and is parallel to the trend of clean, green, and organic.

Plant-based enthusiasts are actively trying to replace chemically adulterated items with ones that are free from pesticides and grown organically using organic fertilizers or  produce that are curated with the organics in focus. 

What is tofu? 

Tofu is condensed soy milk that is pressed into blocks of different firmness ranging from silky to extra firm. Tofu is highly rich in protein, calcium, phosphorus, Magnesium chlorides, and nutrients and can be a great substitute for meat. 

Tofu making follows a similar process as cheese making but is made from soybeans by way of coagulating soy milk. 

Concentrated with nutrients and minimal fat content, tofu definitely lives up to its reputation as a superfood. 

Tofu is easy!

Tofu is easy to cook and is extremely versatile as well.

From tofu bhurji, to tofu kebabs, to being the star of a hot bowl of soup paired with fresh, organic ingredients.

Tofu soaks up any flavor it is introduced to and works beautifully well with other ingredients it is paired with because of its neutral organic taste.

But is tofu just a novel entry into the community of healthy eaters? 

Many individuals who lean towards an organic, healthy lifestyle often shift to tofu because of its high nutritional value and its simple composition of just soy milk and salt coagulants. 

Most consumers assume tofu to be naturally healthy, but one must consider the effects of inorganic soybean or GMO soybeans which leads me to ask, 

Is tofu an inorganic mistake?

Most inorganic tofu manufacturers in the market use soybeans that are GMO and less often organically grown and may have residues of chemicals from pesticides and inorganic fertilizers which can have adverse effects on the health of consumers.

Altered Nutritional Value

Tofu can be considered the evolution of soy, highly rich in protein, calcium, phosphorus, Magnesium chlorides, and nutrients. 

However, researchers from the FDA have claimed Genetic engineering can alter the nutritional value of food.

The non-organic tofu which consumers think to be nourishing may just be not! 

Choosing to buy organically made Tofu is seemingly the most effective choice if you are looking for a cleaner, healthier more organic lifestyle.


As opposed to organically produced consumables, GMOs create risks involving allergenicity. There is always a probability of Genetic engineering transferring allergens from items that people know they are allergic to, to foods that they think are safe. Inorganic tofu, made of GM soy is at a risk for similar outcomes. 

Resistant to Antibiotics

Another risk of GMOs is that in the process of genetic engineering, there can be an outcome of making disease-causing bacteria that are resistant to present antibiotics resulting in the rise of infections and diseases.

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In following certain health trends we often neglect the effects of our actions which may be affecting our health without our knowledge. 

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