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Classic Organic Indian Snacks

If you’re not looking inside the fridge, you’re definitely looking at the bottom of a tupperware. Snacks are the perfect remedy for boredom; they give you comfort and spark joy and happiness. Especially when they’re close to home.  When it comes to snacking, the choices are endless. From traditional favorites to innovative delights, one category […]

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How peanut butter can help you in weight loss?

Have you ever wondered how peanut butter could also help you in losing weight? If consumed in the right quantity, peanut butter can play an effective role in your weight management plan as it is loaded with healthy fats, protein, fiber, and other essential minerals and vitamins. Given that the healthiest diets include a variety […]

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How Exercise Can Make Your Heart Healthy

Health and Nutrition 24.08.2021 Exercise doesn’t just make you look better, it makes you feel better as well, physically, mentally and emotionally. Let’s see how it aids your heart health.  Introduction: Due to poor lifestyle, eating habits, low quality food, stressed life, medical problems like diabetes, hypertension and heart diseases have become a norm. There […]

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How To Use Green Gram For Better Skin?

Organic Lifestyle 23.09.2021 Green gram is often associated with muscle building and post-workout meals but did you know it can be beneficial for your skin as well? Let’s find out more.  Green gram or alternatively known as moong beans is a protein-rich legume, which is cholesterol-free, gluten-free and contains high amounts of protein. Due to […]