What Are The Mustard Oil Benefits For Hair And Skin?

mustard oil benefits for hair and skin

As we all know that coconut oil is enriched with nutrients and proteins, good for optimal hair growth, so does mustard oil benefits hair. As much as it helps in healthy hair growth, mustard oil is good for the skin as well. 


Being in India, we find it ignorant to use mustard oil for hair, as coconut oil has always been at the forefront when it comes to hair and skincare. But the fact that mustard oil benefits for hair can also be used as a substitute for optimal hair and skin care.  

Mustard oil for skin and hair

Even though we are rich in coconuts and spices, mustards also equally play a crucial role in the Indian kitchen. This pungent oil is not just used for seasoning and preparation of local delicacies but is also known for providing amazing health benefits to hair and skin. The essential nutrients in the mustard oil help to reduce hair problems, keeping your hair healthy and soft. Here’s a look into the mustard oil benefits for hair: 

  1. Mustard oil works as a natural hair conditioner – mustard oil is enriched with alpha fatty acids that help in retaining your hair’s moisture to keep it look fresh and bouncy. You can use mustard oil as a natural hair conditioner for silky smooth, shining hair. 
  2. Mustard oil as a hair nourisher – are you constantly having hair loss problems? Then yes, mustard oil works wonders on your hair by strengthening your damaged hair follicles. 
  3. Anti-fungal properties – mustard oil has a rich source of erucic acid that cleanses your scalp to clean off the bacteria and fungus accumulated in your scalp. A mustard oil massage can remove the blocked hair follicles, leading to healthy growth from within the roots. 
  4. Prevents dandruff – mustard oil is loaded with essential nutrients and minerals such as iron, magnesium, vitamins like A, E, D, K, calcium, and antioxidants that help in keeping the scalp free and clean from dandruff.

Is mustard oil good for the skin?

The external beauty of an individual lies in both the skin and hair, regardless of the colour and features. Pure mustard oil is often used topically to help promote skin health. Dermatologist Pragya Gupta, the specialist advisor for P Mark mustard oil says that mustard oil can work as a natural cleanser to remove the makeup and clean the clogged pores. 

Final words:

Today, you get mustard of different brands at different prices in the store. To enjoy maximum mustard oil benefits for hair and skin, get the organic mustard oil from 24 Mantra.