Purity Prayag

Purity Prayag
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Which Colour Jaggery Is Good To Buy And Pure?

Though there are many different jaggery products available in different colours, it becomes confusing as to which colour jaggery is good to buy and best for use. From golden brown to dark brown, jaggery is available in different colours. Dark brown jaggery is best to buy as it indicates healthy and unadulterated jaggery.  Introduction Jaggery is a […]

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Including Ragi In Your Diet For Weight Loss

Ragi is also known as finger millet is a gluten-free grain that is nutritionally rich and affordable. Ragi can be included in a diet for weight loss.  Ragi is a millet, which is also known as Finger Millet. Millets are coarse grains that contain high amounts of Proteins, Vitamins, Minerals and Fibres. Millets require little […]

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Easy Guide To Kodo Millet Recipe

The Kodo millet is a grain variety that is primarily cultivated in India and West Africa. It is a nutrient-dense grain that provides a sufficient dose of dietary fibre, vitamins, and minerals. It can be used as a healthy alternative to rice and provides immense nutritional value. A Kodo millet recipe is replete with nutrients […]