Purity Prayag – A Confluence of healthy products

purity Prayag app

The house of 24 Mantra has been a pioneer and leader in taking 100% organic products to supermarket shelves across the country. Starting with direct retailing of its flagship brand – 24 Mantra, the group has made its products available at neighborhood stores called ‘24 Mantra Organic Farm Shop” 

Now in an attempt to make wellness accessible and affordable to all, and to reflect the wider range of products that it stocks, 24 Mantra organic farm shop will now become Purity Prayag – a neighborhood retail store that brings Healthy products of everyday use to your neighborhood. 

The promise of Purity

Every product sold at the Purity Prayag store comes with a promise of purity.  From Pesticide free Fruits and Vegetables, Organic Groceries, Home Care products with natural ingredients, Paraben & Sulphate free Skin care products to Organic Dairy products free from hormones or residual chemicals, Purity Prayag stocks healthy & natural products that significantly reduces the amount of toxicity that enters your homes and your bodies.

All the products are sourced from people & organisations who care about the health of individuals and are passionate about ushering in a larger change that is good for the planet. 

Confluence of carefully curated brands

Prayag traditionally means a confluence. Purity Prayag is a confluence of various products & brands which have one thing in common – to give the consumers a choice of wide ranging Pure, Natural & Toxicity-free groceries, home care & personal care products.  Here are some of the products and brands that you can find at a Purity Prayag store:

  • 100% Organic cereals, pulses, millets, cooking oils and other cooking essentials from 24 Mantra – a pioneering certified organic products company that works with farm clusters.
  • 100% Organic coffee, tea, juices from Pure & Sure & 24 Mantra
  • 100% Organic A2 Buffalo milk, Cow milk and a range of dairy products made from organic milk from Happy Gopi
  • Home care products like floor cleaners, detergents and dish washers made from 100% natural ingredients from Strategi & Hita care
  • Personal care & grooming products such as hand made soaps, organic hair care, women’s beauty products from Purity Prayag, Radico, Passion Indulge & Bommu
  • Delicious sweets & namkeens made from 100% Organic ingredients made by Emerald sweets
  • Pesticide free fresh vegetables, fruits & hormone free, free range eggs from Hita Farms.

Drop-in or Order In

Purity Prayag has a widely distributed retail presence at prominent locations across Hyderabad, Bangalore & Chennai where you can drop in to pick-up your weekly stock of groceries & household items.  For those of you who prefer them delivered home, our local stores can deliver them at your doorstep. You can also browse through our entire range of products by downloading the Purity Prayag Mobile app from the Google Playstore or Apple Appstore, or order them from our website https://www.purityprayag.com