5 features of the Purity Prayag mobile app,we bet you didn’t know.

purity prayag mobile app

Since technology is constantly evolving and advancing, development patterns alter from time to time. On-demand delivery apps are a new addition. On-demand apps are a form of luxury in disguise. Since their introduction, apps have been in-demand and are a constantly growing notion. Delivery apps are just no longer confined to cab services; they have expanded into other industries such as food, healthcare, and grocery delivery. In recent years, on-demand delivery apps have become the market’s face.

With a promise of purity, Purity Prayag, from 24 mantra, a forerunner in making 100% Organic Products feasible  to everyone, is one such app that is marking its own domain by making healthy lifestyle more accessible & affordable.

Purity Prayag makes healthy living easier and better by stocking & delivering a wide range of products including Fruits & Vegetables,  groceries, home care and beauty products that are pure, natural & toxicity-free. 

5 Best features Purity Prayag Offers

Get a free product by taking survey

The app offers a free membership for one month and a free product from a simple survey. The survey depends on your choices in products, values and diet that help us enhance your shopping experience and serve you better.

No minimum order

Usually the online delivery apps have a minimum order value to ensure the profits and cost effectiveness. But we, at Purity Prayag, come with no such principle. There is no minimum order value when you place an order. 

Order online and pick up from store

Whether you want your order to be delivered at your door step or want to collect it from the store, it is both convenient and feasible for either of the methods. Place the order and get the delivery or pick it up from the store.  Purity Prayag Stores are now in and around your neighbourhood. 

Monthly subscription(Milk-door delivery)

Now, Our day cannot pass by without coffee, tea or milk and it gets exhausting to place an order everyday, right? And that’s why, to make it much simpler, we offer you a monthly subscription that gives you the comfort of getting milk delivered at your doorstep. 

Additional benefits on Membership

Be a member and get exciting additional benefits. Membership prices may vary. 

Benefits of using an online delivery app: 

Great offers 

Who doesn’t enjoy discounts and coupons? Buyers are constantly enticed by unique discounts and coupons with multiple options to choose from,  rendering online shopping more efficient.

Abundant choices 

You can use a delivery app to place an order and get it delivered in the blink of an eye. Searching, ordering, paying, and reviewing can all be done within the same app. 


This is the most significant advantage of a delivery app. It is simple to use. The amount of ease provided by the delivery app extends beyond delivery.

It is an easy and full package with features such as smart search, real-time tracking, in-app messaging, proper payment method, and speedy delivery.