Why Are Natural Soaps Better than Commercial Soaps?

natural soaps and commercial soaps

Your skin, being the largest and only outside organ of the human body, is constantly exposed to contaminants. Skin absorbs any chemicals in the soaps you use to wash yourself, in addition to the dirt and bacteria it comes into contact with. 

Popular soap bars are often mass-produced with harsh chemicals, synthetic components, and cheap fragrances or aromas, all of which could damage your skin.However, most commercially accessible soaps aren’t actually soap in anyway.It is just a detergent. Detergents deplete your skin’s natural oils, leaving it feeling dry and rough after a shower.

 Natural, REAL soap, on the contrary , is created from organic, plant-based materials.Natural soaps are handcrafted in small quantities by an Artisan, whereas conventionally marketed soaps and cosmetics are manufactured in a factory.Artisan style soaps are typically of better quality since the ingredients used are typically of higher grade as well as being natural and not damaging to the environment or humans. Whenever you buy a Natural Soap, you are helping small businesses and  local companies rather than the large multi corporations. Handmade bar soap is prepared with organic plant oils rather than harmful chemicals and synthetic detergents.  Natural soap is healthier for the environment as everything utilised in the manufacturing process as well as the finished product is 100% biodegradable.

Here’s what a soap bar usually contains. 

  • sodium cocoyl isethionate (synthetic detergent)
  • stearic acid (hardener)
  • sodium tallowate (sodium salt of cow fat)
  • water sodium isethionate (detergent/emulsifying agent)
  • coconut acid (the sodium salt of coconut oil)
  • sodium stearate  (emulsifier, also used as a cheap stabilizer in plastics)
  • sodium dodecylbenzonesulfonate  (synthetic detergent)
  • fragrance (synthetic scent)
  • sodium chloride (table salt)
  • titanium dioxide (whitener)
  • trisodium EDTA (stabilizer, used in industrial cleaning products to decrease hard water)
  • trisodium etidronate  (preservative, a chemical that is used in soaps to prevent soap scum)
  • BHT (preservative)

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